Redeem Wellness Center Sponsors The Save A Warrior Foundation FloCal Ride

Here at Redeem Wellness Center, LLC, our Motto is ‘Facilitating the Healing of Invisible Wounds’ our servicemen and women are carrying the heaviest burden of these invisible wounds. Mental health continues to have a negative connotation within the military and for that reason, these brave men and women put on their armor and serve to protect our country every single day while all along having to tuck away these invisible wounds. Save A Warrior – “SAW” is standing against this negative outlook on mental health and is working to break the chains of this oppressive mindset. Redeem Wellness Center is sponsoring this fundraiser because we want SAW to know that we stand behind their efforts and we fully support the mental health of the men and women who serve this country through therapy and other means.

Over the course of 30 days (September 1 – 30), members of Tour FloCal will ride 2400 miles from Tallahassee, Florida to Simi Valley, California on bicycles. This charity ride helps to support the work of Save A Warrior, a charity organization committed to ending the staggering suicide rate plaguing our veterans, active-duty military and first responders. SAW conceive, originate and produce Integrated Intensive Retreat (IIR) program experiences to transform the way our heroes live their lives.

For more information on the Save a Warrior Project or to donate today, please visit their website HERE or text FLOCAL to 71777.