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Frankie Oxendine is awesome. He helps in every way possible and is very genuine. You will like him! Book your session with him!

Jesebell Zuniga M
Jesebell Zuniga M2020-12-23

Their entire staff was both kind and professional. I'm thankful for the experience and our family is stronger now more than ever.

Peter A
Peter A2020-12-12

Dr Valmir me ajudou muito com minha ansiedade, a saber supera uma grande perca familiar desde criança! E saber superar muitos obstáculos que temos na vida! Obrigada 🙏


A seis meses atrás começei o tratamento, com um nível de ansiedade e estresse muito elevado,sem ânimo, energia até pra realizar as atividades diárias,hoje eu me sinto uma nova pessoa e sem tomar nenhum tipo de medicação,por isso eu super recomendo redeem wellness center pelo profissionalismo, dedicação e paciência com Os pacientes .

Adriana s
Adriana s2020-07-10

Marcos is a great therapist. Very accommodating, and really gets to the heart of the matter.


I really recommend the redeem Wellness Center. They are reliable and transmit security and total privacy to patients. My daughter loves Marcos. Thank you very much for the wonderful service!

A M X2020-07-04

Great team! very knowledgeable

Ellen R
Ellen R2020-07-03

Very helpful & insightful team. A pleasure to work with,I highly recommend.

Christopher S
Christopher S2020-06-26

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Reconnect With Your Partner

Regain your constant communication with your partner and keep the connection alive. Redeem Wellness Center, LLC works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues for married couples. We’ll help you get to the root of your issues, develop effective communication tools, and deepen the bond that unites you together.

We’ll help you improve your intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual connection, helping you to address problems and difficult issues, re-establishing trust after an affair or prolonged disconnection, handling familial/societal influences, solving problems and challenges, improving repetitive conflict patterns, and deepening the bond that unites you together.

We also work with clients before they are married, and at each life-stage event (e.g., empty nesting, retirement, first child, etc.) helping smooth the way to new family compositions, welcoming new members, and adjusting to new situations. If your relationship includes questioning the future, we can help provide clarity and communication through decision making and moving forward.

Our approach will fit you as a couple, integrating cultural sensitivity, EFT, Bowen, and other science-based appropriate frameworks and interventions. We make it safe for you to reconnect and move forward, no matter the challenge!

We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each patient’s individual needs in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. 

Meet our Bridgeport Family Therapists

Marcos Rosa, LMFT

Marcos is the founder and clinical director of Redeem Wellness Center. He is passionate about serving people, especially the underserved and disenfranchised groups. Marcos has traveled to more than 15 countries learning and serving in the missionary field. He is trained in TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy), and is an AAMFT Approved supervisor, supervising master student interns and clinicians working towards their licensure. In his practice, he works with multicultural clients, delivering treatment in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish, working mainly with traumatized children/adults and their families, as well as providing mental health treatment for pastors and their families.

Marcos has been an ordained clergy by the Free Methodist Church of North America since 2015. He has a passion for working with clergies and their families and is conducting research with this specific group at the presenting time. In his clinical work with his clients, Marcos adopts a collaborative and systemic approach. His main goal with his clients is to help them uncover their true potential and live a life that is worth celebrating. He also believes that while one cannot change difficult situations of the past, “we can work together to better understand and resolve the presenting challenges”. Applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, Marcos will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding his clients from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Other Training:

Marcos Rosa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Doctoral Student at Antioch University of New England. He was born and raised in Southeast Brazil and immigrated to the US in his early twenties. He is currently living in the city of Bridgeport, CT, where he serves a large community of immigrants in both clinical and religious settings. Marcos enjoys traveling, good food, spending time with his friends and family, and learning about new cultures and places.

Diane Ferber, LMFT, MA, C.A.S.

I believe that you are the expert of your life. My goal is to provide a safe and solution-focused environment for you to identify your strengths to meet challenges, get unstuck, and cope with stress.

Diane Ferber was born in New Jersey and has lived in Massachusetts and Washington, DC before settling in Stamford, CT, which she loves for its diversity. Diane is happiest when she is traveling, meeting people, and being confronted by new ideas. She describes herself as a life-long learner. Diane is trained as both a Couple & Family therapist and a School Psychologist and has worked in public agencies, schools, and private practices.
Initially working in the business world as an MBA, Diane increasingly turned her focus to supporting her community. She ultimately went back to school at Fairfield University and began her career working with school-age children and then families and adults. Diane joined the Redeem Wellness Center Team at the end of 2019 because she felt their passion for helping the community mirrored her own.
Diane works with individuals, families, and groups of people facing common challenges. Because of her own background and transitions, Diane understands the stress that comes with life’s changes and transitions. She has specific experience in working with: Families with school-age children, including those with learning/social differences, Families with aging members, and seniors themselves, grief and loss.
Diane believes that we can learn to become better at change, communication, and responding rather than reacting. Her style is open, accepting, and supportive.

Valmir Delgado, MFTA, Mdiv

Valmir Delgado is a Marriage and Family Therapist graduated from Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. Valmir was born and raised in Brazil where he worked for several years as a Nurse and Health Technician in both hospital and industry settings. Valmir enjoys playing the guitar, traveling, jogging, and most of all, the company of his wife and daughters. He has run several half-marathons and completed the New York Marathon in 2009.
After finishing his bachelor’s in theology in 1993, Valmir served as a senior minister in a small country area in Rio de Janeiro for about 4 years. He immigrated to the US in 1996 to continue his studies. He finished his Master of Divinity program at Emmanuel School of Religion in Tennessee in 2000, where he also served as a Student Assistant. Valmir moved to New York to work alongside the immigrant community and served in Queens for 19 years in religious settings.
Valmir is passionate about teaching and has served as a visiting Professor at FMC College since 2000. He is an international motivational speaker and has lectured on leadership and motivation, helping listeners to feel more encouraged and empowered about their lives. His goal is to help clients to gain insight on their inner worlds and to develop coping skills to better manage their life stressors.
Valmir has 27 years of experience in counseling individuals, couples, and families. He works to establish a supportive, safe, and non-judgmental environment in his sessions. He works with multicultural clients in 3 languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Valmir envisions himself developing projects to extend mental health and spiritual assistance for multiethnic minority groups.

Alejandra Salamea, MFT

Alejandra Salamea is a Marriage and Family Therapist of Colombian descent. Alejandra is also known as Alex. She has a BA in Human Services from the University of Connecticut and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nyack College Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. Alejandra is bilingual (English/Spanish). She was born and raised in New York City, and she is currently residing in Norwalk, CT. Alejandra has been married for 25 years and has two children. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, listening to music, watching baseball games, and enjoying nature.
Alejandra is warm, compassionate, respectful, and engaged. She provides a non-judgmental, empathetic, culturally sensitive, supportive, and safe environment. Alejandra meets the client where they are in their personal journey to help find healing, freedom, and self-empowerment. Alejandra’s primary goal is to help the client lead a more meaningful life, work through past traumas, struggles, and challenges.
Alejandra has worked in a nonprofit agency with children, adolescents, families, and minority populations providing individual and family therapy in various settings such as intensive in-home family intervention, support and crisis intervention, and case management.
Alejandra has worked collaboratively with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and other mental health providers. In addition, Alejandra loves to volunteer and has volunteered in her home church along with many other non-profit organizations. She is certified in Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) focusing on strengthening parenting and enhancing the family support system, Circle of Security Parenting Program concentrating on strengthening the secure attachment between caregiver and child, and Prepare/Enrich program providing evidence-based skills and insights to strengthen and foster a healthy relationship in couples and families. Alejandra is also trained on Level 2 Gottman Couples Therapy. Alejandra is a member of AAMFT and works under the supervision of Marcos Rosa MA, LMFT.

Other Training/Certifications:

Timothy M. Aquino, MFT

Tim attended the Nyack College Alliance Graduate School of Counseling and completed his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to Nyack, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, and Masters in Urban Planning from the University of the Philippines. Before taking up his Masters in MFT, Tim worked as a general contractor in New York City.
Enjoying road trips, the sea, and sports are among his favorite things to enjoy with his family. An avid sportsman from his youth (soccer, swimming, basketball, golf, and badminton), Tim raised his family in the love of sports. He is also a six-time full Ironman finisher, and a certified USA Triathlon Coach (Level I). He is passionate to help couples and families navigate the challenges they experience in life and hopes to lead them to healthy and thriving relationships. His active lifestyle is incorporated in his practice of MFT.
A firm believer in the benefits of taking care of one’s self first to enable one to take care of others, Tim understands how exercise can not only benefit the body, but the mind and the spirit as well. He promotes therapy that is both active and mobile. He and his wife serve as the Directors for the Marriage and Family Ministry in their home church, Every Nation NYC in Manhattan, where they have been actively serving for more than 10 years. They counsel couples and families of different cultures and ethnicities, teach pre-marriage classes, lead and facilitate seminars and talks on marriage, parenting, and dating.
Through these ministries, Tim gained an understanding of the differences in cultures and ethnicities and how these impacted family systems and interpersonal relationships. Recently, Tim underwent a directed study on grief and trauma and plans to pursue further training in these areas. He firmly believes that every person can benefit from help in coping with grief, because we all experience loss and change. In his practice, he realized that many individuals are suffering from trauma because of abuse and neglect. He desires to be an instrument to bring healing and restoration to people who are experiencing grief and trauma. He has worked with children and adolescents, adults, married couples, and families. Given a safe environment and a trusting relationship, he believes people can change for the better.
Timothy was born in the Philippines and lived there until 2007 when he and his family moved to New York. He now resides in Norwalk, Connecticut with his wife of 34 years, Tina. They have two married children and a granddaughter.

Lauren L. Staley, MFTI

Lauren lives by the powerful lyrics of the famous Mahalia Jackson “If I can help somebody, as I travel along…my living shall not be in vain."

Lauren Staley has served as a forensic accountant for over 17 years after earning her bachelor’s degree in accounting at Baruch College. She is invested in her local church, serving in various capacities, and is the director of the teen ministry in her national church organization. It has been through this ministry experience that she developed a love for helping others. In 2017, she decided to explore her passion for leading others in their journey towards healing, stepping down from her management position, to pursue her graduate studies in therapy. She is a Marriage & Family Therapist intern studying at Nyack College. Lauren loves working with couples and families as they navigate life’s stressors and explore ways to cope and heal. Whether working with individuals or a group, her warm personality creates a safe, judgment-free place to share.

Lauren was born in New York and currently resides there with her husband of 16 years and two children. Lauren loves her family and takes joy in supporting her husband, who serves in ministry and caring for her two children. In her spare time, she loves to sing, plan parties and decorate cakes. Lauren is a member of AAMFT and works under the supervision of Marcos Rosa, LMFT

Other Training/Certifications:

Mariana Malafaia, MHCA

Marianna Malafaia is a Mental Health Counselor Graduate from NYACK College. She was born and raised in Brazil where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2008. Employed by the State of Rio De Janeiro to work for a Rehab clinic with specialty in chemically dependent patients. Reintegrating both family and dependent patients back to society for two years. Arriving in NYC in 2010, she planted the foundation of Celebrating Recovery voluntarily to the local communities in and around Astoria Queens. In 2014 she completed her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling at NYACK College. Shortly thereafter, she began working for the New York Psychotherapy Counseling and Center; helping kids, teenagers and adults with diverse disabilities. 

Today, Marianna is a dedicated wife and mother of two beautiful children, and is returning to her calling as a Mental Health Counselor. Her mission is to help reintegrate and restore lives both physically and spiritually, teaching patients a plethora of coping skills to better manage their lives.

Barbara Silva

Barbara is a committed office administrator at Redeem Wellness, providing services with integrity, acceptance, confidentiality, and kindness. She was born in Brazil and moved to the USA when she was fifteen. She currently lives in Trumbull, CT with her husband and daughter whom she loves to spend time with. In her free time, she loves to play with her daughter, go for a run, read a book, go to the beach, or play the piano. Barbara has a BA in psychology and has worked as an intern at Yale Child Study Center. During her professional and academic history, Barbara has developed a passion for learning about the brain, human behavior, family interactions, and its unmeasurable power.

She loves to serve people and is very compassionate and caring about women and their particular challenges. Barbara is continually working to expand her capability, knowledge, and skills, in her endeavor to help women to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, especially within their family’s context. She is currently enrolled at Nyack College Marriage and Family Therapy master’s program, where she is receiving training to become a Marriage & Family Therapist in order to fulfill her calling.

Keiko Castaneda, LMFT

Keiko Castaneda, LMFT (She/Her/Hers) is passionate about serving the Latinx population and finds it extremely rewarding to facilitate space to witness her clients’ growth. She uses a nurturing, humanistic, strength-based approach to treat invisible wounds and attachment injuries. Keiko works with individuals, couples, and families that struggle in silence to support them voice their pain, allowing for healing to begin. She is warm, caring, compassionate, and will be your co-pilot as you navigate your process. 

As a survivor and a thriver of childhood trauma herself (ACE Score = 8), she is committed to supporting others in their lifelong journey of breaking free from dysfunctional family patterns. Keiko believes that “the areas where you have the most difficulties are the areas where you have the most to give IF you do your inner work”.  She has successfully worked with adults that carry childhood wounds of child abuse, neglect, abandonment, incest, children of alcoholics, and domestic violence. 

Keiko was born in Lima, Peru and immigrated to the United States when she was 10 years old. She became the first woman in her family of origin to attend a university and has been granted various awards for academic achievements. Keiko graduated with honors with a Finance degree from Pace University and summa cum laude with an MBA from Fairfield University. As a big proponent of the crucial time of childhood and supporting parents to promote healthy attachment, Keiko stayed home to raise her four children during their early childhood. It was during this time that she returned to school to pursue her life calling and obtain a second master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Fairfield University where she was nominated and induced into the Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society. One of the most distinguished honors awarded on a Jesuit higher education institution which pledges its members to use their intellect, experience, and heart in the service of faith, and promotion of justice. 

Scott Simon, MFT

Born and raised in Rye, NY, Scott and his wife Margaret have resided in CT since 1991. Together, they have celebrated 41 years of marriage, have raised four children, and now welcome five grandchildren. He enjoys an active lifestyle including racquet sports, scuba diving, traveling, and spending time with family.

Scott Simon is an MFT Associate clinician at the Christian Counseling Center of Norwalk. Prior to pursuing a calling in counseling, Scott had a successful 30-year career as a trader and hedge fund manager on Wall Street.

In between Wall Street and professional counseling, Scott helped bring Stephen Ministries to Trinity Church in Cos Cob, CT and served as Stephen Leader and minister, as well as being a member of the Healing Prayer Team and Prayer Team there. He has also been involved: in prison ministry at the Bridgeport Correctional Facility, volunteering as part of a team providing teaching and fellowship to bring about positive changes in the lives of inmates; and as a small group leader and Board member at the Elinor Martin Residence and Pregnancy Care Center in New Rochelle, NY, providing compassionate outreach to distressed, pregnant, single mothers by offering emotional, spiritual and material resources to empower the women to make healthy life choices for themselves and their babies.

The environment of the trading floor was fertile ground for gaining first-hand experience about the effects that relational conflict and stress can have on the dynamics of relationships. Throughout his life, Scott has had an innate sense of the importance of the patterns of behaviors and interactions. In and out of the workplace, Scott has always intuitively known how to create a safe space for people to tell their stories and to examine them in the context of both individual and system dynamics. He enjoys working with families and couples, in addition to individuals.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. More recently, he completed a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliance Graduate School of Counseling in 2019 and is currently a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Leury Peña, LMFTA

Leury Peña, LMFTA (She/Her/Hers) is a Dominican-American Bilingual Psychotherapist. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Latino/Hispanic Caribbean Studies. Leury received her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nyack College, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. She is currently a Couple and Family Therapy Doctoral Student at Antioch University of New England. Leury is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and works under the supervision of Marcos Rosa, LMFT. She is a native New Yorker/Jersey girl who loves spending time with friends and family, cooking, dancing, and exploring new places.

As a member of the Latinx community, Leury has a strong passion for mental health awareness as mental health and illness are often stigmatized concepts in the community which may lead to individuals suffering in silence. Her professional experience includes providing mental health services in various settings such as agencies, faith-based organizations, hospitals, private practices, and schools. Leury provides treatment in 2 languages: English and Spanish. She has experience providing treatment for individuals presenting with anxiety, borderline personality disorder, depression, high-risk symptoms, trauma related disorders, substance use, and psychosis. Her clinical interests include Attachment Theory Based Therapy and Trauma Informed Therapy. She utilizes a collaborative, and holistic/systemic approach. Leury believes in the importance of self-care as “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” She creates a brave, culturally sensitive, empathetic, and supportive environment to promote healing and assist clients in creating a life worth celebrating. 

Other Training/ Certifications:

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