Anxiety Counseling

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Have Peace of Mind Through Anxiety Counseling

Are you feeling consumed with worrisome thoughts? A life with anxiety daily may overwhelm your stress level. It’ll keep you out of focus on your daily activities.
Redeem Wellness Center, LLC works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues for married couples, families, children, and adolescents. The therapists at Redeem Wellness Center, LLC will help you identify the causes of your troubles and provide you with the necessary tools to overcome them.

Let us help you interrupt patterns and habits that don’t serve you well! While stress is the response to things going on in the world around us, anxiety is the internal reaction to unpleasant feelings, thoughts and situations.

Often, we try to manage anxiety through avoidance, or through channeling it into behavior that has negative results. Both of these result in patterns that create problems for our functioning, our relationships, and our health. Anxiety can create even more worries and fears that keep us stuck.

Let us support you as you understand why you feel the way you do; what unconscious patterns you have of coping; how you can identify your triggers and change your responses to them; and reframe your negative thinking. Using a customized combination of CBT, Narrative Therapy, relaxation techniques and other science-based approaches, we can support you into a more relaxed, thoughtful navigation of your world and your relationships!

We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each patient’s individual needs in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Call us to request for a virtual appointment.

Anxiety Counseling

We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each patient's individual needs in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere.
Virtual appointments available!

Frankie Oxendine is awesome. He helps in every way possible and is very genuine. You will like him! Book your session with him!

Their entire staff was both kind and professional. I'm thankful for the experience and our family is stronger now more than ever.

Peter A
Peter A2020-12-12

Dr Valmir me ajudou muito com minha ansiedade, a saber supera uma grande perca familiar desde criança! E saber superar muitos obstáculos que temos na vida! Obrigada 🙏


A seis meses atrás começei o tratamento, com um nível de ansiedade e estresse muito elevado,sem ânimo, energia até pra realizar as atividades diárias,hoje eu me sinto uma nova pessoa e sem tomar nenhum tipo de medicação,por isso eu super recomendo redeem wellness center pelo profissionalismo, dedicação e paciência com Os pacientes .

Adriana s
Adriana s2020-07-10

Marcos is a great therapist. Very accommodating, and really gets to the heart of the matter.


I really recommend the redeem Wellness Center. They are reliable and transmit security and total privacy to patients. My daughter loves Marcos. Thank you very much for the wonderful service!

A M X2020-07-04

Great team! very knowledgeable

Ellen R
Ellen R2020-07-03

Very helpful & insightful team. A pleasure to work with,I highly recommend.

Christopher S
Christopher S2020-06-26

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